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Who Let The Dog’s Out?!

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This was an entertaining phrase heard on the radio a few years ago, but is definitely not a phrase you will hear after Advance Pool Care services your pool.  Advance Pool Care is different from other pool companies in many ways; you will see this after you get to know us, and see how we differ from the 5 minute man type pool service you may have experienced with other pool companies.

We realize that pets are part of your family.

 Many families have experienced the heart wrenching pain of the family pet getting outside of the gate, roaming the dangerous streets along, dodging oncoming vehicles, lost and hungry.  Many times these unfortunate pet escapes turn out with a happy ending, and the pet is found/ reunited with the family.  Other times, there is a much much more grim outcome; either the pets are never found, hoping a nice family took them in… or the worst… the pets are found dead by either being struck by a vehicle or attacked by a coyote.  The pet escapes usually are not escapes at all; they are the result of someone simply leaving the gate open, and opportunity serves the pathway of what seems to be freedom to you family member.

This can be prevented.

While Advanced Pool Care is evidently a pool service and repair company,  there is SO much more to us than simply business.  We understand family, truly appreciate your trusting us into your home environment– and respect you to the fullest.  This respect of course begins with the job we are hired for, and that is to bring crystal blue to you.   The respect goes on to get to know your pets, perhaps say hello to your neighbor Dave and really become acquainted with your home, family, pool and your overall situation.  With Advanced Pool Care your 7th month of pool service is free; this is our small way to honor you for your business and trust in us.

Gates will not be left open– EVER!

When we come to service or repair your pool or pool equipment, the area we work in will look better after we leave that before we arrived.  We make sure all pool equipment is safely adjusted, recommendations are noted, pool water is perfectly stabilized and we make sure all areas of access are secured.

You can count on your pooch being home when you get home!

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Posted in Best Pool Cleaning In The Valley, pet friendly pool service
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