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Winter Pool Covers: Which Is best For You?

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Pool covers serve different purposes for different pool owners.  Some pool owners simply want to reduce water evaporation, chemicals from being lost and keeping dirt out of the pool.  Covering your pool when your not using it can save a lot of money in water and chemicals.


Standard Pool Covers

These pool covers are just what they sound like, standard pool covers.  Most are similar to a tarp and last only a few years before the outside elements start taking a toll on the material, needing to be replaced usually every 3-4 years. Water also tends to gather on the top of the cover when it rains, or if any pool water was able to get on the top of the cover; this can cause the tarp to actually sink to the bottom of the pool, along with all the dirt, leaves and junk that were on the top of the tarp.  The standard pool tarp isn’t a bad option, but has a very standard purpose only.

Safety Pool Covers

Pool covers that help stop the accidental fall in the pool fall into this category, and are great for families with small children.  These pool covers are made of a few different types of materials, and vary in design.  The commonality of these pool covers is they are usually a lot stronger than the standard pool covers, lasting longer and typically are not too hard to remove or put back on.  These pool covers are best professionally installed, and are a more expensive option to a standard cover; most people say the extra cost was well spent.


Whatever your pool needs are, contact us.  We are experts in pools, spas and outdoor water features.  Protect your investment by having your pool professionally cared for.  We not only maintain your pool to keep safe water chemicals, but are able to closely look at your equipment and when it is best to proactively replace or repair a part that may be operating the way it should.  Your pool equipment in short is just a series of moving parts and machines that are subject to wear and tear every time they run.  We are able to help let you know a part is going bad BEFORE it goes bad and you go outside to a green pool.  You can trust us!

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