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Your pool is all built and you have the water starting to fill it.  Exciting, but now you have to startup that pool equipment, make sure the water has the proper chemical and PH to be safe for you and your family. All that pool equipment and electrical switches can be confusing, and actually drain your pool if the wrong thing is pushed.  The different valves, switches and buttons can be overwhelming, especially in these new modern high tech pools with heaters, fiber optic lighting, salt systems, waterfalls and spas.


Advanced Pool Care is new pool startup leader Valley-Wide in AZ.  Advance Pool Care also services the entire valley for new pool chemical startups and pool pump basic training.  We will set your pool timer so it runs effectively, and will change the times accordingly as the temperature changes.  There is a set equation on how long a pool pump should run per temperature, and Advanced Pool Care will take care of that for you with continued maintenance.

Protect you pool by having Advanced Pool Care not only do your initial pool startup, but also maintain your pool monthly.  Let us do the work, and you just enjoy it!

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