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  • Advanced Pool Care offers many different services to satisfy all your pool needs, as well as multiple service discounts. We take pride in giving authentic service at cost effective and honest prices!Advanced Pool Care can do everything from repairing your pool heater, to actually installing a new heat pump or heater for your pool!
    • Weekly Service
    • Filter and Salt Cell Cleanings
    • Acid Wash and Green Cleans
    • Vacuum and Cleaning Systems Repair
    • Sand Changes
    • Water Testing
    • Equipment Repairs & Installs
    • Tile Cleaning
    • And More!WATER BALANCE & CHEMICAL LEVELSSalt Water and Chlorine Servicing. GREEN POOLS ARE OUR SPECIALTY!  When pools are left untreated the water can turn an ugly shade of brownish green. This is difficult for the untrained to rectify. Advanced Pool Care knows exactly what to do!

Chemicals are included

Test chemistry of water

Add chemicals or salt

Empty all skimmer and leaf baskets

Brush pool walls and steps

Skim pool for debris

Vacuum when visibly needed

Lube O rings as needed

Visually inspect entire pool system

Set timers for time of year


Enjoy your pool; that’s why you have it!  Let us do the complicated and dirty work for you.  Pool repairs are done on site!  When something on your pool breaks, you don’t need to worry.  Advanced Pool Care specializes in all types of equipment, and will get your pool back to good in no time at all!   In fact with continued Advanced Pool Care pool maintenance your pool will look amazing all year round