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Pool tiles are something that every pool needs, and that was learned the hard way when the interior pool decking started to crack when out of the water.  Advanced Pool Care is experts at fixing this  interior pool decking cracking, but most pool builders now require pool tile.

Pool tile can get some pretty nasty build up on it, and Advanced Pool Care knows exactly how to tackle it.  We prefer to eliminate the build up by doing on-going pool maintenance, but if you didn’t do pool maintenance and your pool tile now is all white and yucky… that’s OK!  Advanced Pool Care has your back, and will get your pool tile clean.

We recommend that Advanced Pool Care maintains your pool on a regular basis to eliminate this tile deformity-dirt look, because we know how to keep pools crystal clean, bringing blue to you, not bringing you white tile scale.

 Tile scaling can be caused by water imbalance, calcium deposits and water evaporation.  There is more to it than just dirty and hard to clean pool tiles.  There are different kinds of tile scale yuck.

  1. Calcium Carbonate
  2. Calcium Silicate

These are 2 popular calcium tile scales that pool owners have to face.  Although both are difficult to remove, one is harder than the other, requiring more effort.  Prevent your pool tiles from turning white by simply hiring Advanced Pool care for your affordable pool care in Surprise, AZ.  We also are the west valley pool maintenance experts who will keep your pool fun, and do all the work for you.

We also repair and replace broken or old pool tiles!

With a swimming pool or spa, it is best to leave the pool maintenance to the experts.  After all, please remember a time you tried a D.Y.I. project and it got done, but you could definitely tell it was not professional and a D.Y.I.  We’ve all done it; even us on non-pool stuff… but then called the experts in that area to do it right.  LOL  ?

Save time, money and frustration by just having Advanced Pool Care handle your pool.  Eliminate pool tile scaling by just letting us handle it.

PHONE: 602.920.1633

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