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Pool Safety Tips

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: pool safety

Advanced Pool Care is here for all your swimming pool and spa needs, but more important is to provide you tips on how to stay safe in your pool or spa.

Pool safety is definitely not something to ignore.  below are some basics to remember when around water.

  1. Never swim alone; always have another person around.
  2. Don’t drink out of glass containers as they can break and cause serious injury.
  3. Be careful of how deep the water is, and don’t stay in the deep end too long.  It is very easy to get tired and overly fatigued after treading in water too deep to stand in.
  4. Don’t run on deck.
  5. When kids are present in the home, always have a safety barrier in place such as a safety pool cover, double door knobs, gate or door alarm.
  6. Be careful of older suction drains; they are very powerful, and can actually pull someone down with long hair etc… if too close.
  7. Chemicals should really be handles by a pool service company, but if you choose to service your own pool– make sure all chemicals are handles safely, and stored away from children or pet reach.
  8. Drink!  In the water you feel cool and refreshed, but are still in the sun sweating and getting exposed to the sun’s rays.  It is easy to accidentally dehydrate when swimming because of the outdoor elements and excursion of swimming.

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