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Should I Get A Salt System For My Pool?

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Salt System Pools
  1. This is a question that is asked frequently.  The option is really your preference.  The salt pools sometimes will still require chlorine, which most people don’t realize if the salt cell isn’t able to produce enough to stabilize the pool water.  The salt equipment tends to need replacing about every 6 years or so also.  The salt pool equipment is a higher fee in the beginning, but you will experience significant saving on pool chemicals, as you will need little to none– just occasional salt.
  2. Chlorine pools do require chemicals to be added, usually weekly and can leave skin dry and irritated for some.  There is a lower cost in the beginning because you don’t have to pay for the additional equipment.

BOTH POOL CLEANING SYSTEMS ARE GOOD.  It is a matter of preference, and what works best for you.  Call us to discuss your pool cleaning options; we also have answers on pop-up cleaners, pool vacuum types and brands and more!(602) 920-1633

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