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Monsoon Season and Your Pool

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Monsoon and pool, are two words that pool owners typically don’t want in the same sentence.  Advanced Pool Care actually removes the monsoon pool anxiety by handling your pool for you, no worries!  Recently, I spoke to a homeowner who said “Pools are easy to take care of.  The last monsoon that came through caused my pool to be pea soup for 3 days, I was out brushing for days, and it is just now starting to clear up.”  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound easy or fun.  Advanced Pool Care has the professional expertise to know exactly what to do in these extreme Arizona storms.  Just last week, we were called out to a pool because the filter wasn’t performing the way it should; it was a simple basket cleaning that needed to be done to let the pool do what it is designed for.  Don’t do it alone this summer; you will more often spend more money on chemicals than you would by just hiring a professional.  Old water, dirty baskets and so much more will cause your pool not to run at peak performance, thus requiring more chemicals; we watch out for all these things.


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