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Winter Pools In Arizona

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Winter Pools, Year Around Pool Maintenance

The Blistering Arizona summer heat has past, and the temperatures have began to drop.  While the temperatures don’t get crazy cold usually in Phoenix, it is important to make sure your pool is properly maintained during the Fall and Winter months.  More pool owners in Phoenix are opting for pool heaters so they can enjoy their pool year round.  For those who either choose not to use the pool heater, or those who do not have a pool heater, it is still vital to keep the pool maintained to eliminate damage.  Some DIY tips will be listed in this article, but proper pool maintenance can be tricky to the untrained person.  Advanced Pool Care specializes in pool cleaning and pool maintenance, and all chemicals are provided.  We recommend having your pool maintained by a professional pool maintenance company for best results.

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If you want to maintain your own pool, here are a few tips.

  1. Make sure the chemicals are at the proper levels.  Just because a pool is “blue”, doesn’t mean that it is safe!
    1. Make sure the PH levels are checked, and frequently.  The cooler temperatures can raise PH levels.  When the PH levels are not maintained correctly your pool is susceptible to damage!  Improper PH levels can actually cause nasty stains to your pool surface.
    2. Chlorine is still needed, but not as much during the cooler season.  It is easy to forget about the pool when it’s not in use, and unseen algae can quickly turn into a green pool if the chlorine levels drop.
    3. There is a lot more to the chemical levels than just PH or Chlorine such as alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and bromine.  This can be confusing on how to balance all of this, and they are all very important.  602.920.1633 is the number to call for Advanced Pool Care to take care of all of this for you, and the 6th month is always free!
  2. Regularly empty the skimmer baskets, brush the walls of the pool, check the filters and skim the winter debris out of the pool.  Dirty filters have to work harder to keep the pool clean, in fact sometimes the internal components of the filter may have damage, and not be working hardy at all– causing more chemicals to be needed– and pool chemicals can get expensive.  Brushing the walls of your pool is one of the easiest ways to help prevent stains from forming, but as stated above, if the PH levels go to unsafe levels deep stains set in, and fast.
  3. Run your pool pump at night during the coldest times.  Although it doesn’t freeze often in Phoenix, it still can occasionally.  Freezing temperatures are never good for any kind of plumbing, including your pool.  Running your pool pump during the coldest times, helps prevent freezing pipes.
  4. Watch out for really big rainstorms.  If there is a storm that creates a huge pool of water, that water has been know to short out running pool motors.  If you see that the typical rainstorm is anything but typical, it is OK to turn off the pool pump to eliminate water shorting out the motor.  If you have any question about when and if to turn off your pool pump during a rainstorm, just call us:  602.920.1633
  5. Lastly, don’t forget about backwashing and regular filter cleaning.

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