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This is becoming more and more popular in rental properties; let us explain a few of the reasons landlords are choosing to just tear out the pool equipment and bury perfectly good pools.

  1. Simply put, many tenants and landlords don’t know how to properly take care of a pool, and this can lead to a lot more than just cloudy water.
  2. When pools go untreated, or not properly maintained the water tends to turn to a murky cloudy and then to a green pool FAST.  This is simply overwhelming to most tenants, they try to dump chlorine in the pool without results.  The pool is now unsafe and not able to be used, a man made swamp.
    1. Green water in a pool is a lot more than just an ugly pool that can’t be used.  Green pools are a breeding ground four disease carrying mosquitos.
    2. Green pool water can result in some very hefty fines from the city.
    3. Green pools also pose a huge safety hazard for drowning.  If someone were to fall in a green pool and not be able to surface, they remain unseen because visibility to what is inside the pool water becomes zero.
  3. When pool equipment is attempted to be cared for by a non-experienced person, system failure due to improper usage is likely to occur.  By this, an example would be not properly securing a cap on the pool equipment could cause excess pressure, the pool not to run at all or even worse– the pool equipment to burn up completely.  The landlord is now responsible for the costly repairs of the pool, since that pool came with the rental.
  4. Tenants who are to be made responsible for the maintenance of the pool will typically do it as inexpensive as possible; after all, it is not “their” pool.  When a pool is not maintained with the proper chemical levels, damage can actually happen to the structure of the pool.


First and foremost, landlords are getting smart and opting to hire a professional pool management company like Property AZ‘s Patty Walberer.  Most property management companies strongly suggest hiring a professional pool service company to care for your pool.  This suggestion is not only to keep the property pool safe and clean, but also AN EXTRA SET OF EYES ON THE PROPERTY EVERY MONTH.  Having a professional pool service included in your property list of amenities also makes your property more desirable over other rental listing, thus you can typically charge more rent.  Don’t bury the pool; get a professional pool maintenance company to watch over it.

Besides landlords needing pool service, homeowners benefit a great deal from having a professional pool service to not only protect their investment, but to let them enjoy the pool instead of having to take care of the pool.  Here are just a few reasons homeowners opt to have their pool professionally serviced, rather than going it themselves.

  1. How much is your time worth?  This is a question to ask yourself.  Professionals in general have higher quality products, are able to get the job done quicker and better; this just comes from experience.
  2. Professional pool service companies use professional products.  If you are a lady and ever bought press on nails at a dime store, and then had them professionally done later… it is the same thing here.
  3. Pool safety is more than just barriers and keeping the water clear.  Did you know your pool can actually make you very sick– even when it looks clean?!  Cryptosporidium is the most common agent associated with treated swimming pool outbreaks. Bacterial: Shigella and Escherichia coli. Primarily cause diarrhea. See fact sheets on viral gastroenteritis, giardiasis, and cryptosporidiosis,shigellosis, and E. coli O157:H7 for more information about these diseases.
  4. Proper pool water balance is hard to understand, and why.  There is so much more to pool water than just the typical chlorine or salt and PH level.  Many store bought testers only measure these two levels; it’s not enough.  There are many different elements that a professional pool company measures and monitors for correct pool water.  Just like diseases that can lurk in what appears to be clear and clean pool water, so can unstable water levels, causing damage.  Often times unprofessionally treated pools won’t even know about the water being unbalanced till symptoms start happening like:
    1. rust stains on the floor of the pool, or stains on the pool wall
    2. excess calcium buildup
    3. itchy and irritated skin upon entering or exiting the pool
    4. pool equipment erosion and more +++
  5. It is just nice to have the peace of mind your pool is taken care of correctly.
  6. Use your pool for enjoyment and relaxation instead of cleaning it.


There are some real fly by night pool service advertisements out there that sound too good to be true; it’s because they are.  If you have ever looked at some of those free advertising websites, you may see an ad for pool service at a ridiculously low cost and it perks your attention; well keep on scrolling, because it is probably one person with a skimmer and some chlorine in a run down vehicle.  Recently an ad was seen on one of these websites where a person was charging a super low price as described above.  This person fit the description of the example above perfectly.  This was an unemployed person, desperate for work and though would give it a whirl at cleaning pools.  The pool service offered consisted of a pool skimmer, a gallon of store bought chlorine and acid– showing up in a 1985 run down vehicle.  Let us help you choose the right pool service company in Peoria, Arizona or the entire valley for that matter.  Advanced Pool Care professionally services and also helps coordinate new pool builds; so of course Advanced Pool Care is the best choice for pool service.

With all the pool companies in Phoenix, AZ it can be a daunting decision on which one to Choose. 

Here are some tips on choosing a good pool service company:

  1. Ask for references.  A good pool company will already have a good customer base.  Ask to speak to a few clients so you can get a real feel on what to expect with this company.
  2. Take notice of the pool professional’s appearance.  Are they sloppy and wrinkled or do they have a decent, casual appearance.  Remember, your pool service company has access to your home, visiting it regularly to keep your pool in optimal shape.  If your pool technician has a lazy appearance, chances are he may do lazy pool service to your pool.  You also have neighbors who do see who goes in and out of your home; you don’t want them to think you have a burglar or homeless person coming into your backyard, do you?  Hiring a professional pool service is just that, a professional pool service.
  3. Is the pool service company knowledgable about all aspects of pools, from the pool build to pool service and repairs?  This question is an important one, because pool companies that understand the full dynamic of everything that goes into your pool, will know exactly what is what on your pool, and be of more service to you in times of needed repairs or part replacements.  Also having a greater knowledge of the pool building process helps to better maintain pools by understanding the infrastructure being dealt with.  Advanced Pool care assists with the coordinating of new pool builds and is highly knowledgable in all aspects of pools– from repairs or replacement parts.
  4. Take the time to check out their website.  This will give you a great idea on exactly all the service they can provide.  It is alway a great idea to have a pool service company that does more than just maintain the water and clean out the baskets.  At Advanced Pool Care, we do everything a pool needs.
  5. Ask the pool professional how they feel about pets.  It is important to have a pet friendly and pet aware pool company maintaining your pool.
    1. For anyone who has lost a pet, you understand the grief of losing your beloved family member to old age or sickness/accident.  It is worse when the pet gets out of the gate and is lost roaming around hungry, scared, lost and in danger of getting hit by a car.  At Advanced Pool Care WE LOVE ANIMALS!
    2. It is important for the pool service company to be aware of closing all gates upon entering.
    3. It is important for a pool service technician to be kind to your animals,  It is normal for animals to be nervous at first at the stranger entering the backyard; after all, it is the pet’s home.  Pets usually adjust very quickly to the normal pool service.  Advanced Pool Care respects your pets.
    4. Ask if they are afraid of dogs.  If you have even the nicest dogs, if the pool professional is afraid of dogs, it probably isn’t a good fit.
    5. Pick a pool professional who will be tolerant of the nervous little barking dog, who may take some ankle bites.  This behavior usually subsides after the animals gain trust and familiarity.
    6. Have you ever heard “trust your intuition”?  How do you feel about the person service technician?  Do you trust them?  This is a company you will need to trust, as they are in and out of your home area often.
    7. Do they have a reliable vehicle . This may seem like it goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at some vehicles.  Advanced Pool Care has extremely reliable vehicles, and you can count on us showing up.
  6. Do they have a loyalty rewards program?  Advanced Pool Care has a FREE MONTHS SERVICE after six months of consecutive service.

There are more things not mentioned in the list above, but that is a good start.


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