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BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Correct Pool Water Balance, Winter Pools

With the weather starting to heat up, bacteria will start growing in your pool if your equipment isn’t running correctly.  Have you had your pool professionally serviced since that snowstorm in Scottsdale?  Freezing pipes isn’t usually something Phoenix residents have to be too concerned about.  When the weather gets cold enough to snow, then pipes freezing is a definite concern.  Outside pipes are the most vulnerable to freezing because of the greater exposure to the elements.  When pipes freeze, the water expands and can cause the pipes to burst and make a huge mess.  To help prevent freezing pipes, running your pool pump in the colder weather helps because it keeps the water flowing though the pipes.  By now, if this happened to you, you most likely know.

Actual pool water itself can also freeze; sometimes just a thin sheet of ice can cause damage not seen till summer.  The pool skimmer and other components of the pool can get damaged form the freezing water.

If you haven’t had your pool professionally serviced, especially after the last freezing temperatures in Phoenix, now is the time.  Advanced Pool Care is offering a FREE MONTH OF POOL SERVICE with a 6 month commitment. You will quickly recognize the benefits of having your pool professionally maintained. Not only will your water be perfectly balanced, but your equipment is also looked at each time we are out to make sure there isn’t anything malfunctioning that could cause your pool not to properly clean.


Posted in Correct Pool Water Balance, Winter Pools