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Smart Pool

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Like everything else, there is an option to have a “smart pool”.  When we use the term smart pool, that may not be the actual defined name, but pools today have the ability to have options installed that allow you to control your pool by your smart phone.  ScreenLogic is a popular app from the makers of the Pentair pool equipment that will give you access to your pool virtually from anywhere where there is wifi.  If you have a spa that you would like to start heating up while out to dinner, so it is nice and toasty when you get home… this is an option available to you.  You can also control your pool lighting, pool pump and more from your smart phone.  Having to go to the actual panel by the pool is something you don’t need to door nearly at all with a smart pool.

Pool automation is also something we can setup for you.  We get your pool in the best operation possible.  We know how long your pool pump should run based on temperatures, we know how important PH and chemical levels are as well.  After discussing what you want your pool to do for you, we can also in most cases, automate when the spa heater and bubbles will turn on or anything else you may have like a waterfall.  No matter what you are wanting, we most likely will have the solution.  We even have the solution to the pool light bulb going out every couple of years.  The new poll LED lights not only last a lot longer, but most actually have color changing effects– and yes you can change the color scheme with your smart phone too!

You can count on us to take care of all your pool service and maintenance for years to come.  Relax in your pool; let us do the hard work.

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