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Your Pool Water & Your Salon Hair

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Correct Pool Water Balance

For anyone who has spent over $100.00 at a salon to get that perfect color, then went swimming in their pool only to see your color was gone when you got out of the pool knows what we are talking about here.

Pool that are not professionally maintained are more likely to have an improper chemical balance; either too much chlorine, or not enough. Too much chlorine can cause a lot of unpleasant things from smell, itchy skin and yes — hair color destruction!

Too little chlorine can allow bacteria and other nasty things to breed in your swimming water.

It is always a good idea to listen to the advice of your salon artist on how to best take care of your color treated hair when swimming. We also suggest that it is best to have your pool professionally serviced for a ton of reasons, and also to help you protect the investment of your color treated hair. You can trust Advanced Pool Care will not over chlorine your pool water.

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