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Is There Hidden Algae In Your Pool?

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: algae

I am sure there has been a time or two when you went to use your pool and either the water was a bit cloudy, maybe had an unpleasant smell or had even turned green overnight.

When pool chemical levels drop below the safe level, this is a breeding area for algae and other gross things to start rapidly growing in your pool water. Often times algae isn’t noticed till the entire pool gets that green hue to it, but algae most definitely can be present before the entire pool turns green.

Advanced Pool Care specializes in treating algae and algae spores to keep algae spores from blooming. The best kept pools are susceptible to algae; this is another reason professional pool service is recommended for your swimming safety.

Another reason you may want to consider professional pool care, is we are educated in different kinds of pool algae. While most people think of algae as always green, there actually is black as well as yellow algae that needs treated differently.

Call us 602.920.1633 to let us handle all your pool needs so you can simply enjoy your pool, safely.

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