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Summer Is Just A Blink Away

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: algae, Correct Pool Water Balance, Pool Care You Can Trust, You Need Pool Service

This year’s winter wasn’t as crazy as others, in fact we barely had a winter at all. With all the hustle and bustle of things going on all over the place, it is SO easy to forget about the rising temperatures that are just around the corner, and what those high temperatures do to your pool water.


When the heat starts to warm up, you may like to imaging a villain from a super hero story throwing heat into your pool so that the nasty algae and harmful bacteria can grow super fast!



Summer temperatures and the blazing Arizona sun have a way of not only creating an environment for harmful and nasty pool water, but also can create a rapid rate of water evaporation and pool chemical depletion.

When we all thought about getting a pool, or buying a house with a pool it was mainly because it is almost a need in Phoenix, just to make it through the summers. What is usually not thought of too much is the time it will take to properly maintain a pool with standard retail store chemicals and not having a pool professional look at your pool regularly.

Yes it is worth it!

You have heard the term “time is money”. When you take into account the amount of time that is typically spent by homeowners with pools, especially in the summer months, AND then you equate the dollar amount it costs for professional pool service– it’s a no brainer.

Your time should be spent in or around the pool, enjoying it– not trying to figure out why the water is murky and the chlorine levels “look” OK according to the supermarket pool water test kit.

(Enjoy Your Pool However You Want To)
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Posted in algae, Correct Pool Water Balance, Pool Care You Can Trust, You Need Pool Service