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Sand Filter OR Cartridge Filter?

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Pool Care You Can Trust, pool filters

This is a question that we get a lot. We prefer sand filters that get backwashed because unlike cartridge filters, the maintenance on a sand filter is a bit less. Sand filters do need to have back washing, and cartridge filters require cartridge cleanings frequently that have an additional cost per cartridge cleaning. Backwashing is generally included in your weekly/monthly pool service cost.

Another benefit to a sand filter is that they rarely need parts replaced, unlike the cartridge filter that needs cartridges replaced usually at least once a year.

A benefit of a cartridge filter is backwashing isn’t needed, so there is some water conservation.

When looking at getting a new pool filter, or even considering changing out your existing pool filter we welcome your call with questions!



Posted in Pool Care You Can Trust, pool filters