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Tips to Decorate a Christmas Tree

BY: Maria Chaidez0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: holidays

It’s about that time of year of holiday cheer, family gatherings, presents, and much, much more! The pretty cherry on top? It has to be the Christmas tree!
Everyone loves looking at an aesthetically pleasing tree adorned with beautiful ornaments that go perfectly with the tree itself. If you want to know how to make sure you’ll leave jaws dropping with trees, read these 5 tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree!

1.Picking the Perfect Tree

Whether it’s a artificial tree or freshly chopped tree, you should go for one that you think will be best to work with and suit your style. With artificial trees, however, they come in many different colors if that’s up your alley! You can get it in white so the ornaments pop, pink for a more feminine touch, purple just for fun, and so many more.

2. Adjusting the Branches

Fluffing and bending the branches will make a world of difference before you put on the decorations. Making sure there are no significant gaps and the tree looks full will make all the time you’ve spent worth it!

3. There Will Be Lights

You want to ensure that the lights go on first. The reason for this is that you don’t want to put on all your pretty ornaments, but not be able to see them at night! There’s also the issue of putting the lights on at the very last and having all the decorations get squished or knocked off.

4. Chose a Theme

Going off of a concept/ theme can be anything! From a color to a character, you can base your decorations off of whatever you want. It’s all in the fun of decorating the tree.

5. Pick a Tree Skirt

The tree skirt will tie the whole look of the tree together. On top of that, it covers the legs of the tree perfectly and protects your flours from stray pine needles.
Make sure it stays on theme so that it makes the whole tree pop with beauty!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to guarantee a beautiful, radiant tree for the holidays!
Good luck with the festivities, folks.

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