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Memorial Day Activity Ideas

BY: Maria Chaidez0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Pool Care You Can Trust, Uncategorized

Have you been wondering what you’ll be doing to celebrate Memorial Day? If you can’t come up with anything and need ideas, you’ve come to the right place!
We’ll list off a few activities to help you get started.

1. Look For Community Events

There are always events going on in your neighborhood to celebrate Memorial Day. What’s better than eating good food surrounded by good people? Often times there are even games for children to play to keep them occupied while the adults relax!

2. Shop At Veteran Owned Businesses

When you shop at a veteran owned business, it reminds the whole family that outside of fighting for freedom, veterans also have a life to live for themselves. Not only that, but you’re showing your gratitude for their service and products!

3. Write A Letter To A Soldier

Writing a letter to express how grateful you are for the troops’ service can make a world of difference for some. Who knows, you might even get a letter back! Check out to get your letter sent!

4. Have A Cook Out

Gathering folks you know to your home to celebrate the veterans who give their all to protect their country is a wonderful way to spend Memorial Day! Cook good food, start up the pool, throw on some music and you’ve got yourself a Memorial Day cook out in full swing.

5. Pay Respects To Fallen Troops

Of course you should celebrate the soldiers with you today, but making sure you give attention to those who have fallen during their brave service is just as important. Here is a good business that help donate beautiful flowers to veterans

We hope you make the most of this Memorial Day and that your plans go amazingly! If you’re going to include your pool in your plans, we can make sure it will be as clean as ever once the festivities are done. Call us at 602.920.1633 for pool care you can trust!

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