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Off Roading Tips

BY: ladmin0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Off Road, Summer Activities

Off roading is getting more and more popular, perhaps because of the freedom and not having to worry about hours, social distancing or any of the other new concerns that have become since 2020. Going to the trails in the middle of nature is breathtaking as well as adventurous. While off roading is becoming more popular than before, there are so many driving options with the 4X4 autos; which one to start with is often the question.

The classic Jeep Wrangler has always seems to be a good “go to” for off road driving, and has been around for years. The side by side of roading vehicles sold in the motor sports stores are able to go virtually anywhere with the stability of a steering wheel, seat belts and 1-4 seats. Quads are able to get into more tight and smaller places, but lack the stability of the side by sides and have the potential to tip or flip when driven on super uneven surfaces. Quads are a lot of fun and with experienced drivers can safely maneuver almost anywhere. There are. a lot of great options to go off roading in; the most important thing before starting is to go at your own pace and become very familiar with your 4X4 choice and trails.

Here Are A few Tips To Start:

  • Make sure your tires are in good condition and at proper air inflation for what you are doing.
  • Be patient with yourself and don’t try to do more than you are comfortable with.

When going off road, it is important to think of safety 1st. While this may seem cliche’, it is important. When on many of the trails and off road spots, cell reception can be unstable or nothing at all; getting hurt is not an option if you get help out of where you are at. It is important to remember when out, there are riders who have been riding dirt bikes and other off road vehicles since as long as they can remember and some of the hardest routes look like second nature to them. Doing something that is uncomfortable for you opens you up to making mistakes and getting hurt by wrecking your off road vehicle.

  • It is always a good idea to go out with other people. Going out with other people is not only fun, and can be done alone, but is safer in case something does happen.
  • Having extra tires, plugs, tools and water is good to always carry with you. CB radios as long as 2 ways radios are able to work in areas cell phone lose reception, so these are great tools to have as well.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT TIRES! West Valley Tire is here for you to help choose what is best for you, as well as get you whatever it is you want or need.
  • Again we will mention proper air inflation. It is important to lower the pressure in your tires for better handling and performance in a lot of off road scenarios.
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