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8 Ways to Prevent Getting Sick

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Winter Pools

Winter is quickly approaching and with that comes… Cold & Flu season! No one likes getting sick so let’s take the steps we need to prevent feeling yucky this season..


1.) Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Before and after a meal, after shaking hands with someone, coming home from the grocery store, ect.  

2.) Stop touching your mouth, face, and eyes. Germs can easily infect you through those areas.  

3.) Get your 7-9 hours of sleep. If you are sleep deprived, your immune system will be compromised and make you more susceptible to any illnesses.  

 4.) Exercise. As hard as it is to start, it does benefit in boosting your immune system. Hopefully that gives you the boost you need to get off the couch! 

5.) Have hand sanitizer always. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer for those times like after pumping gas or visiting the atm where there is nowhere to wash your hands.  

6.) Stay 6 feet away from anyone who is sick and if you’re sick, stay home.  

7.) Eat more fruits and veggies! Your body needs vital daily nutrients to boost your immune system. 

8.) Drink water and stay hydrated. 

Your body will do good for you when you do good for it. Making these habits a part of your daily routine will help your immune system fight off any nasty germs that want to wreak havoc on your body. Stay healthy everyone!  

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