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Why does your hair turn green after swimming?

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As a child, if you had light-colored hair, you probably remember your hair turning slightly green in the summer when you spent a lot of time in a chlorinated pool. Your hair turning green was not from the chlorine; it’s copper. Small traces of copper and other metals are found in our water, and when copper oxidizes, it turns green. These tiny copper particles form a film that is now green and it sticks easily to the proteins in your hair.

The other part of having green pool hair as a kid was getting tomato sauce dumped over your head to get it out. Does it work? It does, but not really for the reason you think. The tomato sauce isn’t cleaning the green color out of your hair; it is just balancing the color. Red cancels green, so the red tomato sauce is just covering the green and balances the stain out. The same way as if you had brassy blonde hair and used a purple shampoo. The colors aren’t stripped out, just neutralized.

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