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Exercises for the Pool this Summer 

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: pools, Summer Activities

Wow did it get hot suddenly! And it’s just going to get hotter. Those that are into fitness may want to either take their sessions inside or into the water. We personally enjoy pool exercises here in Arizona because our heat is just really something else. It’s a nice feeling doing your laps in the cool water after damn near being scorched alive by the sun. If you want to do something other than laps, try different water exercises.  

Exercises to do in the pool: 

  1. Walking or jogging 
  1. Forward and side lunges 
  1. Sideways kicks using wall for support 
  1. Underwater arm raises  
  1. Standing knee lifts 

Don’t slack off on your exercises just because it’s hot outside. Find yourself a pool if you don’t have one whether it’s at a friend’s, the gym, or a public pool. Try the exercises listed to see if they work for you! 

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