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Is it harmful for dogs to intake pool water? 

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Uncategorized

During a hot summer day while the whole family is swimming in the pool, your dog may want a little taste of that nice cool water. After all, it does look very appeasing. While it’s not dangerous to intake a small amount, an abundant amount of chemically treated pool water could give your dog issues like diarrhea, puking, and damage to the esophagitis.  

We aren’t telling you yes, but we aren’t telling you no either. Pay attention to the dogs just like you do your kids. If Fiddo is just grabbing a quick drink, you don’t need to stop him. However, if he is excessively drinking the water and swallowing it while he’s playing in the pool, then there is something to be concerned about.  

Remember to keep you, your family, friends, and pets safe & alive by following proper pool safety! 

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