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Pool Safety for Adults 

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Uncategorized

Yup, that’s right… ADULTS! We are always barking orders at our kids to follow pool safety but look at us drinking beer after beer, doing backflips into the pool off the balcony, all while the kids are looking at us crazy. We probably need someone to take care of us at this point! In all seriousness, we do need to be mindful of our pool safety especially when our children are around… we don’t need them judging us!  

Keep you and your family safe this summer around the pool with these tips: 

  1. KNOW HOW TO SWIM. If you don’t, LEARN! 
  1. DRINK RESPONSIBILY. Give yourself a strict limit or don’t drink at all. 
  1. BUDDY UP. Don’t swim alone. 
  1. AVOID STORMS. Get out and stay out of the water when you see the storm rolling in. 
  1. RESPECT YOUR LIMITS. Don’t overexert or dehydrate yourself. 
  1. NO DIVING. Diving into shallow water is a quick way to die or get a lifetime injury.   

This summer, be safe and have a good time! If your pool isn’t ready for summer fun, give Advanced Pool Care a call. We offer pool cleaning, pool repair, and other pool services! Our goal is to provide Phoenix, Arizona pool owners exceptional pool care. With just one simple phone call, you’re on track to getting a summer-ready pool! 602-920-1633 

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