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Pool Safety Tips for Parents 

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: pool water safety

As the weather heats up here in Arizona, the #1 activity to do is swim! Whether your kids are swimming in a pool, lake, or the ocean, it’s important for both parents and kids to be aware of water safety. After all, you wouldn’t want little Tommy to drown, would you? No! So, let’s get into it… 

  1. WALK. Slipping can cause serious owies and injuries.  
  1. OBEY. Follow lifeguard and pool rules.  
  1. NO DIVING. Do not dive in shallow water as doing so will have lifetime injuries and consequences.   
  1. NO HORSEPLAY. This can result in drowning or serious injuries.  
  1. AVOID DRAINS & COVERS. Don’t play near drains or suctions. 
  1. BUDDY UP. Never swim without adult supervision.  
  1. SUNSCREEN. Reapply sunscreen if out in the sun for extended periods of time.  
  1. POOL EQUIPMENT SAFETY. Do not use as toys! 
  1. AVOID STORMS. Do not be in the water during a storm.  
  1. EMERGENCY PLAN. Know CPR. Have a safety kit and phone nearby.  

Your friends at Advanced Pool Care want to wish you a happy and safe summer! For any pool cleaning needs, give us a call at 602-920-1633. 

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