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Your guide to planning a cool pool party 

BY: Alexis Harford0 COMMENTS CATEGORY: Uncategorized

For all of those who have a birthday during the summer, will you be throwing the classic pool party? It’s not always fun planning a party in the middle of July when you must consider what will or won’t melt, where, what time of day, activities, and having enough hydrating drinks. To help ease your mind and reduce stress, we came up with a little cool pool party planning guide to help.  

Proper invitations are a must. In today’s age, everyone loves to create a Facebook event page and while it is great and convenient, it’s not personable. Getting an invitation in the mail is much more thrilling and personable. It is more work for the hostess, but your guests will be more willing to show up when they see the effort you put in! 

Put your personal valuables away. Be sure to keep all personal belongings away from the party, like in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet. Things can come up missing during the commotion of preparing the party, during, and after.  

Create an area for everyone’s belongings. Make sure there are various spaces around the pool area for people to sit down, relax, and keep their personal belongings safe and wet free. 

Have everything anyone will need. As a guest, it would be nice to come to a pool party without having to haul towels, sunscreen, drinks, food, and floats.  

Set the night with lighting. There are so many cool ways you can light up a backyard nowadays… Candles, string lights, windchimes with lights, pool colored LED lights and more! 

Most importantly, good music. Any party that doesn’t have good music is an immediate bust. Create a playlist of songs everyone will enjoy… old and new! 

Clean pool. For professional pool cleaning and water balance before and after the party, call us at Advanced Pool Care! 602-920-1633 

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